Do I want to work at a printing factory?

via: I love tyography: Printing — how it used to be (Nov 22 2008)

A few years ago I was thinking of working at a printing company to get experience and training about the printing process as a designer. There are many books explaining about print processes; but I wonder how many “Designers” know the exact process of printing.
When I started working as an assistant designer, I often visited a small typesetting company. I didn’t have the chance to see all of their work but it was an interesting experience seeing on a plate, the work after we cut and pasted the text and put notes for the font and photo sizes as well as color beside it.
Soon, DDT became popular, and we stopped going to the typesetting company. I don’t know how they felt and where the skilled craft people have gone.
So my plan hasn’t worked yet.

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