Never Stop learning nor lose interest and passion

I have been watching a re-run of the TV show, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. It’s very interesting show that Chef Gordon Ramsay was helping restaurants where a complete lack of exuberance, they are about to fail as a restaurant and business. He is not only teaching how to cook but also he does teach teamwork, behavior as a lead chef and workers, also talking to the owner about business, even he brings his PR person.

I don’t think he is just teaching what and how to do, his telling of his experiences so that the first thing he does is being its customer. Then he figures out what is going on in the kitchen and the whole restaurant business. And the story goes.

I noticed that some of the episodes are the similar situation whereby its lead chef stops learning and keeps cooking the same thing every day. It means being in a comfort zone without threat from the team members or the owner. Those chefs are lucky enough to keep their job while the owner is losing money every day. Those chefs are ignorant, and for the business, it is in a vicious circle. Getting out of this circle requires hard work and sometimes owner, the lead chef needs to act as bad guys.

I was surprised that being a creator as selling their services they stop learning, or lose interest,  passion about food. Specially chefs, hairdressers, etc., are judged by right after their services provided, and feedbacks are more direct and may be tough.

I have always been wanting to learn, wishing to be a bit ahead of others. I take courses, read latest industry news.

We (10+ yrs experienced) can see young designers coming after you with fresh ideas. However, if we lose passion, and the will to learn and interest in our profession, we would lose your position sooner or later. For the young designers, technical skills may be easier to catch up, but experiences are something they are never able to catch up and never be the same. It’s our previous experiences that matter. We are here because of our experiences even they are not technically relevant.

Curiosity brings energy. You should ask yourself or try to see stepping back to understand your career environments.

Designer is an ambiguous occupation. Society has created and determined conditions for Design to exist. The parameters keep changing with the times. I keep learning something about design every day. The designer tries to conceptualize an assignment. The concept is the designer’s ideas with perceived images for prospective viewers. That concept becomes the basis for visual communication.

The designer constructs a visual, utilizing materials and concepts using their design skills. Design is a moving subject. It always changes direction with changes in cultures, technologies, economies, politics, etc. It’s evolving with the consciousness of our needs and wants. As technologies and services improve, so does design. These three things – technology, service, and design – have possibilities for being the priority over the other two. Which one takes precedence depends on the situation.