My nerdy usability thoughts on the elevator system

I work for a digital software development team within a large company. Our company occupies from the 6th to 17th floor in the building and the floor I work is the 12th. It is a new building installed with cutting edge technologies (for now). So is the elevator system.
It is supposed to be efficient and quick in how it brings people up and down. I was thinking if the current elevator system efficient compared to the previous system.

The new system requires us to follow a couple of steps more. I thought this was not a big deal considering the efficiency gain: the system carries the passengers as quick as possible to their destinations. Besides, the company has been getting the huge data about us: who came at what time and which floors they went; who forgot their IDs, etc… and of course for the purpose of security.

What I have found:
– The car cannot bring you to the destination directly if other passengers want to stop lower floor than you. The worst case scenario is you have to stop 6 floors to get the 12th floor. (starting from 6th)

What can be done: We are allowed to work any floor we want however, most of the employees have the main floor to work. So the system should automatically bring us to the main floor without press the number.

– Obviously, a single car can carry the certain amount of people, how do they calculate the number of passengers?
(I think) the system calculates the number of ID card which passed over the machine. Therefore, if you have other colleagues with you, she doesn’t have to wave her card because we are going to the same floor. The system recognised 3 IDs but actual passengers are 8 so that some people need to miss the car and going back to the card reader to tell him the next available car. A pretty ordinary result.

What can be done: the “cars” should have sensors for weight or number count the number of passengers is in the car. Not calculating numbers of IDs that are waved over.

– The manual close button inside the car doesn’t work if the system recognised if other passengers waved over the IDs.

— What can be done: The door should be closed manually because the number of recognised by the system is not equal to the number of passengers.

– There are 2 displays inside of the car if you are not aware, you get a bit confused by where you are.
Display 1-  is a tiny screen set up closed to the door, telling you the floor numbers that the car is going to stop. As soon as the car gets to the floor, the number disappears and highlights the NEXT destination floor.
Display 2 – is a larger screen and displays the weather and news headlines. It also tells the status of the car. When the car stops, displays CURRENT floor number.

What can be done: The number should be the same either the next or current floor number.

– You still have to touch the touchscreen (!) to tell where you want to go. (One of the dirtiest touch screen. )

What can be done:  The system recognise the main floor number automatically. If the passenger wants to go another floor them press the destination button.

What will be the perfect elevator system?
I have found this video “Design system and thought it would be better to have the weather/News + status display outside of the elevator as well. People can get an umbrella before getting into the elevator! Mobile apps should be able to control the traffic, too.
We don’t have to wait for our technologies to solve all problems but some problems can be solved by applying psychological ways to reduce problems.