How We Work

The time I started working as a Graphic designer, a “designer” was an understood to be independent, lone wolf or rogue. Back then, I worked for a few large and small design agencies. However, I never had a situation where people would “working together,” with colorful post-its on the white board and discuss things with other designers.

How we work has transformed from a designer handing in the artwork to the developers to interacting with a broad range of people from different expertise in the team to build a product.

The process of how we work has changed design as a part of a business. Design is now integral to a business, aiming towards the ultimate result of organizations’ profit.
The ways of business have changed, too. We work as members of a team, and it is necessary for designers to understand 5W1H of business.

Designers need to understand the strategy, short term and long term goals for the business. Seek out problems and apply design to solve the problem. The problem cannot be solved without understanding the problem.

Working together with a mixed group of experts in a team and trusting each other’s skills and knowledge is how design works today. We also give each other a chance to grow. Business will succeed if and when we learn how to communicate each other’s’ expertise with trust and respect.