Data, Data, and Data

Any obtained data becomes one of the most important properties of companies and organizations, especially for those who provide services for end users – Gathering, ordering, visualizing and analyzing the data to predict what their customer needs and wants.

Today consumers are more aware of having their behaviors and patterns collected by companies or organizations so that the consumers now intentionally manipulate their behavior patterns.

For example, pretend to be another person demographically for answering a questionnaire, purchasing products for your friend using your account. These are likely not useful data.

Last few years, companies are collecting and analyzing data to find out each customer’s needs. Next few years these companies must consider whether to completely exclude outlier behavior and patterns also need to see the data whether it is manipulated by the customers.

Obtaining and analyzing data won’t automatically tell you the next step. Minority data should be analyzed, and manipulated information should be collected.

So, I have been studying Data Analysis.